Fireball and Ufos – July 2020

Managed to get video of this event also. The Fireball moved between the mountains and behind it. I think I spot a saucer shape structure with a bank of red lights leaving. In the trees near me a small ship appeared. Used Sony Camera on tripod.

This orb came close to me and showed up in only one photo. It was around 3 feet in size.


Red and Blue Orbs in Flight – June 2020

June 2020 Deborah Warren http://www.ocseti.org visited to do CE5. Although it was raining she photographed the bright light coming from the mountain that changed intensity of brightness. Blue and red orbs appear in photos flying around bright light. Deborah Warren mapped the flight of the orbs, circled are the red orbs, lines show movement of blue orbs.

CE5 with Deborah Warren June 28

Over the summer Deborah visited and we spent time doing CE5 together. These photos document the activity around us at the ground level.

Light bar in flight
Light orb over chair
Enlargement Light orb over chair
light appears near forest trees
light near forest

Enlargement of lights near forest

August 2021 – Energy in Flight

My friend Deb Warren visited for a few weeks. This series of photos show energy in flight. Notice the photo where it appears the energy is reflected on the van back window.

Energy trail beside Garage
Several energy streaks in the sky. One looks like it is reflected in the van window
Energy beams seem to be cruising by
In less than 60 seconds seems the energy beams stops

August 2021 – Energy Light Beams from the Sky

These energy beams from the sky may only be visible to the infrared camera lens in the trail motion cameras.

Here I am walking towards my art studio – lots going on in this photo but mainly the light energy beams from the sky is what I am hi-lighting
different day same phenomenon – note the sky is cloudly. Black cat is walking towards camera thus eyes are distorted

August 2021 – Beams from the Sky

August 8 – It is normal for me to be outside and often “called out” you could say. There is a frequency I am aware of and trying to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. The trail cameras are trigger by motion to take photos and the night photos are taken in infrared lens. The first photo shows light beams from the sky, a second later the camera shows a hand adjusting my trail camera and a racoon. About 20 minutes later another trail camera caught photos that are interesting.

Light energy beams from sky
Was not going to share this photo but my friends encouraged me. Here is a hand adjusting my trail camera from above, a racoon and a strange light orb at the door taken less than 1 second after the light beams from the sky appeared
Candoey Bill Hauser photo analysis confirms that a finger is pressing on lens – no finger prints?
11:21 pm all clear in the back yard – I am outside
11:21 pm – light beams or bars from sky
11:21 pm photo of backyard and April’ side
More light bars appearing to be coming down from the sky

River of Orbs Video – July 2021

A 5 minute video of orbs in room at 1:00am July 26, 2021. First Youtube video showcasing orbs and tiny plasma blue orbs. Video shows many white orbs, blue plasma orbs and a light person. Some highlights still shoots below

  • Stream of Orb lights appearing and disappearing through the room
  • 0_29 minute – still photo from video of white orb on wall
  • 2_30 minute – big white orb in flight
  • 3_29 minute – blue orb flashes
  • 3_31 minute – blue orb flash on wall
0_20 sec mark big white orb
2_30 minute mark – big white orb in flig
3_31 min – blue orb
3_29 minute mark – blue orb


My friend Bill Hauser (these are his cellphone photos) and I went to the beach around sunset. There were many people about on the beach and on paddle boards or boats. We observed this saucer shape on the beach line observing the people. It was approximately 20′ round and was up about 200′ in the air. It was completely smooth and made no sound. It looked like there was a lighter portion of the craft that maybe windows. We observed the ufo for a few minutes and once camera came out it took off.

saucer was close the beach line
cellphone photo of saucer
modified photo to show details


Light Ship and Helicopter May 2021

Photo taken from a trail camera. I was out by my pond in the evening when I felt a presence. Tried taking out my cellphone to take a photo when suddenly a helicopter came from the top of the forest and flew directly over me very low. My cellphone was unable to record any photos. I did have three (3) trail cameras in the same area set up and only one managed to take photos of the event.

Fuzzy shape by trail camera outlined in red
Appears like a light ship in flight. Very strange square formations
Same photo but processed to show the details
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