Red and Blue Orbs in Flight – June 2020

June 2020 Deborah Warren http://www.ocseti.org visited to do CE5. Although it was raining she photographed the bright light coming from the mountain that changed intensity of brightness. Blue and red orbs appear in photos flying around bright light. Deborah Warren mapped the flight of the orbs, circled are the red orbs, lines show movement of blue orbs.

Shape Shifting UFO – September 2020

These photos were taken around 3:00am, over a 2 minute span. This series of photos show a large ufo that appears to shape shift then it completely disappeared/vanished.

First photo shows some definition to the ufo
second photo object appears more electric
Photo three (3) show a different form, wind blown appearance
Photo 4 – another appearance, looking more 3D again

Beam of Light or Vortex- August 2019

This photo appears to show a beam of light coming down from the sky, or a vortex going up. I took this random photo with my cellphone at a park. These light beams appear blue to my naked eyes. In my blog there are other examples of beams of light and vortex.

At a public park – beam of light coming down or maybe vortex going up?

September 2020 – Entity on Floor

Notice things moving in the room from the corner of my eye, and my cat appeared to notice this too. Sensed being watched and could feel a different kind of frequency near me. Took cellphone photos of floor. This is the only photo that shows a entity very close to me on the floor, all the other photos just show the floor and the edge of coffee table. When I first looked at the photo I hoped it was my foot or my cat, it is not.

entity show up in only one of a series of photos of the floor

June 2017 – White Orb in sky above me

While doing a CE5 (close encounters of the 5th kind) meditation the sky turned a beautiful pink apple colour. I notice some flashes in the clouds so took a series of quick photos of the pretty sky. The white orb appears in only one of the photo in the series.

beautiful apple sky 7:39pm
White orb appears in only one of the photo series – taken at 7:39pm
enlargement of white orb

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